Linux : decode APRS packet from RTL SDR

SDR (rtl_fm) -> APRS Packet Decoder (multimon-ng) -> Network Sent APRS data (socat)
Rtl_fm Guide

multimon-ng @ github
Command (copy from source code!)

Usage: %s [file] [file] [file] ...
If no [file] is given, input will be read from your default sound
hardware. A filename of \-\ denotes standard input.
-t : Input file type (any other type than raw requires sox)
-a : Add demodulator
-s : Subtract demodulator
-c : Remove all demodulators (must be added with -a )
-q : Quiet
-v : Level of verbosity (e.g. '-v 3')
For POCSAG and MORSE_CW '-v1' prints decoding statistics.
-h : This help
-A : APRS mode (TNC2 text output)
-m : Mute SoX warnings
-r : Call SoX in repeatable mode (e.g. fixed random seed for dithering)
-n : Don't flush stdout, increases performance.
-e : POCSAG: Hide empty messages.
-u : POCSAG: Heuristically prune unlikely decodes.
-i : POCSAG: Inverts the input samples. Try this if decoding fails.
-p : POCSAG: Show partially received messages.
-f : POCSAG: Disables auto-detection and forces decoding of data as
( can be 'numeric', 'alpha' and 'skyper')
-b : POCSAG: BCH bit error correction level. Set 0 to disable, default is 2.
Lower levels increase performance and lower false positives.
-o : CW: Set threshold for dit detection (default: 500)
-d : CW: Dit length in ms (default: 50)
-g : CW: Gap length in ms (default: 50)
-x : CW: Disable auto threshold detection
-y : CW: Disable auto timing detection
Raw input requires one channel, 16 bit, signed integer (platform-native)
samples at the demodulator's input sampling rate, which is
usually 22050 Hz. Raw input is assumed and required if piped input is used.;


APRS iGate Expample:
APRS RX iGate z tunera DVB-T (RTLSDR) (Cubieboard , in Polish)

SDR Command (need test):
Decode to display in screen:

rtl_fm -f 144.64M -s 22050 - | multimon-ng -a AFSK1200 -a FSK9600 -A -t raw /dev/stdin

rtl_fm :
-f 144.64M //Frequency to tune to 144.64 mHz
-s 22050 //means to sample the radio at 22050 times/sec
-a AFSK1200 //add demodulator AFSK1200
-a FSK9600 //add demodulator FSK9600
-A //APRS mode (TNC2 text output)
-t raw /dev/stdin //Input file type raw from system stand input (?)